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HABT: HABT Stock Primed to breakout The HABT stock looks ready to potentially breakout of its range that it has been since early in the year.  Since January HABT has been bouncing between $34 and $29.  But the last week HABT has been pushing higher and attempting to breakout of that $34, which if it […]

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What To Make Of Gold Prices In 2015

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For much of the past decade, gold has been viewed as one of the most stable and predictable investments in existence. The price of gold was rising slowly but steadily, and crises in world politics and financial markets continually proved that the precious metal had value as a protective hedge. And yet, in mid-2012, this […]

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Possible Long-term Decline in the EUR/USD?

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The EUR/USD pair has been getting crushed lately as the dollar has strengthened, even in the face of the Euro QE programs.  The long-term chart is very very interesting.  First this is the EUR/USD 20 year Monthly chart, so its a long-term time frame.  Today we see the EUR/USD pair heading towards support at 1.1876 […]

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YELP Looking to Rally

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We spoke about YELP a few days ago and how there is a good possiblity of rallying after bouncing off the 2012 lows.  YELP has now moved above two key levels, first being 54.15 and the 20 day ema.  In addition to these bullish breaks of resistance, YELP has now broken out of a short-term […]

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SPY, DIA and the QQQ Continue to Chop at the Highs

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After rallying aggressively off its lows the market seem to have taken a pause as they have neared or broken to new highs.  Over the last few days the market has slowly crept along resistance levels near last months highs. The SPY have gone above these levels but not significantly and DIA or the DOW has […]

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YELP Stock Review

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Below is a look at YELP stock review of potential price action for 2015. Until early 2013 YELP was a full on momo stock, climbing over 400% from 2012 to its high in 2013.  Since that high though YELP has broken away from the markets uptrend and has decreased over 40% from those highs.  Now […]

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SPY Trading Near Resistance at the All-time Highs

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This latest rally off the oversold condition has brought SPY  near its highs at 207.87 and is now trading at resistance (adjusted for dividends on the stockcharts  chart SPY made a new high), and while this is a good sign there needs to be some pause of concern over as SPY meets resistance and there are weak internals. […]

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Welcome Piker Signals

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Piker Trader has relaunched and we are introducing a new subscription package called Piker Signals.  Piker Signals is a simple indicator that adjusts with the market’s volatility and trends.  It  does not stay static like your parent’s out-of-date indicators.  The market has changed since most indicators were created, many of which have static overbought or oversold […]

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Oversold Go Long Signal

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As the market screams panic, take some comfort in that our indicator flashed oversold on Monday.  With this signal the market may stop its selling and we can get a rally from here.  It is possible to see some downside here but historical bounces have occurred after an oversold signal.  If SPY can get above […]

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